The UK Government to provide free e-cigarettes to help smokers quit

At ABL (A Better Life), we believe everyone has the right to good health, our aim is to support individuals and communities to lead healthier, happier lives. Amongst other health-related support, we offer expert advice and support to smokers across the country. Established in 2009, we are industry leaders in health and wellbeing, managing the country’s nationally recognised ‘best performing’ stop smoking service.

The UK government’s decision to provide free e-cigarettes is aimed at helping smokers quit their habit and transition to a less harmful alternative. The scheme is intended to benefit the smoking community by providing access to a safer and less harmful way to consume nicotine. It will also help to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing the overall prevalence of smoking to 5% or less by 2030, thus Making Smoking History. ABL has been supporting people to quit smoking using E-cigarettes as a quit tool for some time. In response to the new scheme ABL’s professional lead for smoking cessations made this comment:    

 “70% of smokers do want to quit, some of whom have tried multiple times unsuccessfully.  For some people quitting smoking is the most difficult thing they will ever do. It is encouraging that the government are issuing 1 million vape starter kits which will provide the opportunity for some of the 8 million smokers in England to make a significant step change to quitting”.

Elizabeth Woodworth 

ABL Health, Professional Lead – Smoking Cessation Services

Many studies have shown that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, as they do not produce the harmful tar and carbon monoxide associated with smoking. E-cigarettes can also be an effective tool for helping smokers quit, as they provide a similar sensation to smoking and can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

However, it’s worth noting that e-cigarettes are not completely risk-free and can still be addictive. Therefore, the UK government is encouraging smokers who want to quit to seek advice and support from smoking cessation services, which can provide a range of resources and support to help them quit smoking.

Overall, the government’s scheme to provide e-cigarettes for free is aimed at supporting smokers who want to quit by helping them transition to a less harmful alternative. Smoking prevalence in England aims to reduce to 5% or less by 2030, a target some feel may be a little ambitious as the national average currently stands at 13%, with the more deprived areas across the country often having a much higher percentage.

ABL manage and deliver smoking cessation services in The Wirral, Oldham, Stockport, Sefton, Sandwell, Nottinghamshire, County Durham and our most recent services, Sunderland and Torbay. Last year, ABL helped nearly 8,000 people quit smoking, if you would like more information about how we can support you or your communities to become smoke-free, please get in touch via our website 

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