Intensive Personalised Support

Intensive Personalised Support

What is IPS?

Intensive Personalised Support (IPS) is a psychology-led service, aiming to keep children and young people who are on the edge of care at home with their families, and at their current school. IPS involves understanding the child/young person as a whole.

We build individual and community capacity, working at neighbourhood level we connect people to the place where they live.

Our holistic approach considers mental and physical health, and emotional needs to understand the reasons behind certain behaviours.

The service focuses on: creating a supportive physical, psychological and social environment which meets the C/YP’s needs, teaching C/YP new skills to replace challenging behaviours and using practical interventions as a tool kit.

Why we're needed

Residential care and education can place a significant financial burden on local authorities, costing in the region of £300,000 p/a and commissioners often have little or no control over these unplanned high costs. When a young person needs to access services, the cost can escalate quickly and are often high for a long duration, potentially over many years.

ABL’s model is more financially sustainable for commissioners, with initial costs for service delivery being significantly lower than the cost of residential placements. These costs will reduce when behaviours are better managed by all involved and IPS is no longer required.

What to expect

  • Increased awareness of emotion
  • Reduction in unhelpful behaviours
  • Increase in adaptive behaviours
  • Able to be supported at home by family
  • More engaged in education
  • Better understanding and support from education staff
  • Greater sense of contentment


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